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School Based Services

Behavior Intervention Plans

Our consultants will provide a consultation visit to observe and assess individual student and classroom needs in a school setting. An individualized report detailing a behavior treatment plan and recommendations will conclude the consultation. If further training is needed it will be provided by one of our staff trainers.

Behavior Consultation

Our Board Certified Behavior Analysts are able to provide consultation in the classroom setting for overall classroom recommendations, teacher/aide training, and consultations for individual students.

Functional Behavior Analysis

A Functional Behavior Analysis is a comprehensive behavior assessment for an individual student. Our Board Certified Behavior Analysts will complete several days of assessments, interviews, and observations to determine the exact function(s) of target problem behaviors. A highly individualized treatment plan will be created for the individual that includes appropriate replacement behaviors and reduction techniques. A report summarizing the data and outlining the behavior plan will be provided as well as recommendations for the amount of staff training needed. All subsequent training will be provided by one of our staff trainers.

Teacher In-service Workshops

Our team of professionals are available to provide teacher in-service and workshop trainings and presentations. We have worked with schools to provide trainings on specialized topics given their school’s specific needs.

Autism/ABA Program Consultation

Our Board Certified Behavior Analysts are available to provide consultation for ABA and autism classroom set up or consultation to a currently running programs on a short or long term basis.