Achieving Success Through Science, Service and Compassion

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide high quality, effective programming to individuals with autism and related disorders in our community regardless of socio-economic status. Our dedicated and compassionate providers work with each family to develop individualized training and behavioral supports in the home, community, school, and clinical settings. Our practice uses the most current research in Applied Behavior Analysis, so that our clients will achieve the greatest possible level of independence and become valued and contributing members of their community.

We are founded on the visi  on that comprehensive and effective services in Applied Behavior Analysis should be available to everyone. Our staff is dedicated to providing support to the whole family and collaborating with them on treatment plans.

We practice only the most current research in applied behavior analysis and believe that all progress should be tracked with data. Target skills are broken down into small steps, so that the learner has a greater probability for achieving success.

Our compassionate and caring therapy team creates programs based upon each individual's hobbies and interests. We manipulate reinforcers to create a fun and effective learning environment.

Empirically based programs are used to increase socially appropriate behaviors and decrease maladaptive behaviors. Teams work in a cohesive and professional manner to increase the client's life experience, happiness, and level of functioning.

Our program model is built on a foundation of extensive oversight and collaboration by our board certified behavior analysts and onsite PhD level cinical supervisor. Our comprehensive model allows for clinical rounds to be conducted on a regular basis, so that all cases receive a thorough review by our top level professionals. All therapists receive extensive training in the clinical setting before working on a therapy team.