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Home Based Services

1:1 ABA Therapy sessions

All home sessions are conducted by highly trained behavior therapists and overseen by Board Certified Behavior Analysts. We will work with your family to develop a treatment plan that is unique to your home and community. We will work with you to develop goals and objectives that will make your child’s life more productive and enjoyable.

Community Outings

As part of your home programming, our Board Certified Behavior Analysts will create programs that foster independence in community activities and promote socially acceptable behaviors.  Community program focus on social skills, quality of life skills (checking out a library book, going grocery shopping), and behavior reduction techniques.

Parent Training

In collaboration with school and clinic services our home team will generalize skills to parents to be carried out in the home setting and in the natural environment. Our team will work in collaboration with other professionals to train parents on behavior reduction techniques as well as skill acquisition for the home and community setting.

Activities of Daily Living

Home programming focuses on activities of daily living that promote independence in your child with autism. Activities of daily living may range from following a hygiene schedule to get ready in the morning to developing a task analysis to take out the garbage. Our team will work with your family to determine your individual and unique goals for your child.

Job Training for Young Adults

During home programming, if pre-vocational training is appropriate, our team will work with your young adult to develop goals and objectives that foster independence in a vocational setting. Again, these goals are often developed in collaboration with the young adults school placement professionals.

Leisure Skills

Our home program teams typically try to find a happy balance between more demanding programs and leisure activities. An important part of your child’s development is to be sure we are teaching skills that promote a healthy and happy quality of life. Our team will work closely with your child to determine his or her unique interests and develop leisure programs that are parallel to those interests.